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Tenessee Mountain Rifle

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Aug 18, 2012
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There's a "Blast From The Past!" We got hold of a couple of those rifles when DGW first started carrying them and ran an evaluation of them, worked up loads, and did some accuracy testing. Published a write-up with the results in a rag called
The Trade Blanket, and another in The Buckskin Report.
The Trade Blanket was put out by Gary Swenson back then. Good rifle, very accurate. As I recall, the one I tested wanted .310 round balls with a .012"-.015" patch, and we lubed with YCA#103. Shot cloverleaf groups at 25 yards that opened up to maybe an inch at 50 yards. I could be off a skosh on the group sizes. It's been a longish while. I favor my wee .40 cal for small critters so didn't keep the .32 very long.

Rock Home Isle

54 Cal.
Feb 13, 2021
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Johnstown Colorado
The first time I ever heard about the Dixie Tennessee Mountain Rifle, was an article in…I think it was BlackPowder Annual Magazine…it was an annual publication that Dixie published years ago.

Great article. Fell in love with the rifle….finally got one in .32 calibre. The gun shot OK, but not what I was expecting…so I rebarreled the gun…pulled the breach plug on the .32 calibre barrel, and the last 8 inches was pitted and corroded pretty bad. So that explains why the gun never shot well for me.


As a .45 calibre, Dixie really missed out in not offering this gun as a .40 calibre or a .45 calibre…such a wonderful gun.

The above gun is the .45 calibre, the bottom is a .54 calibre. I loved the .45 so much that I went out and found a nice beat up .50 calibre and rebarreled it to .54 calibre. I’ll never sell either of them
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