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    • Tanglefoot
      Tanglefoot replied to the thread Loss of accuracy….
      Lot of interesting thoughts here. I had a problem once with a new rifle where the first few shots would be center, and then they would...
    • Tanglefoot
      Tanglefoot replied to the thread New toBP.
      Welcome from another South Texan .... and I suggest you might want to look up the Alafia River Longrifle club. Probably you could find...
    • Tanglefoot
      If this challenge begins to feel easy, throw in a try at loading a long barreled flintlock then firing at a small target while still...
    • Tanglefoot
      Howdy Lucky, It's good to see ye here on the forum. It's been a while since you stopped by the house that time but I disremember when...
    • Tanglefoot
      Tanglefoot replied to the thread Bison Powder Horn.
      For whatever it may be worth, I've found that a couple of small sandbags are very handy when I'm working on a horn. They will stabilize...
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