Question for a chemist? Not sure of oil protection issue.

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Larry (Omaha)

45 Cal.
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Aug 27, 2004
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Hey gang,
I usually clean my muzzleloading locks with hot soapy water. When rinsed, I blow them dry with compressed air. I then place on a rag and saturate with WD40, gun oil, and or CLP. I let them sit a day or two to let the excess run off. The other day I did the same procedure, but used some Ballistol. After sitting for two or three days I went to wipe down the lock and put back in the rifle. I noticed waxy chunks of lub all over the lock. Mostly around the mainspring and tumbler. Something is causing this mixture to coagulate. Thoughts????


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May 26, 2011
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Arkansas Ozarks
Ballistol is on my 's' list. It gummed up one of my modern rifles so badly I had to work a day to get it functioning again. And, mixing different stuffs is an invitation to problems. CLP is good when used moderately. On an ml lock too much can gather gunk. I have used WD-40 extensively for many years with no negative issues. I have a target rifle that is TC 'hawken' based I have shot countless thousands of times, and cleaned and lubed many hundreds of times over a 50 year period and it is still going strong. Pick a good lube and stick with it.
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