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Olde thyme photos

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tom in nc

45 Cal.
Aug 20, 2019
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Unsure which forum to post this in but... I want to have some photos taken of my wife, our dog, and myself that look like old photos. I have let my beard grow as long as it's ever been and I have a Confederate uniform to wear. My wife is willing to wear appropriate period correct clothing, and the dog won't mind. My phone/camera takes good clear pics and I have went several times to Walmart and used the instant photo option, if I can find it in operation, for photos before.
Wondering how to get black & white, or actually sepia I believe they're called (the brown & white look). I might check with a local professional photographer.

Ok, I got the black & white part figured out,now to find the filter(s).
Tell that kid to take his hat off inside a fine eatin' establishment!!!
Ha ha.

But I think most of us remember when that was proper etiquette. When I was in the military you always took your hat off indoors anywhere. I think airports were an exception.

I have the knowhow on altering the photos but can't think of any that would look cool.