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    • tenngun
      tenngun replied to the thread Why brass over copper?.
      I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an antique rifle in German silver. True silver was common. I’ve never worked with silver, I don’t know...
    • tenngun
      tenngun replied to the thread Help improving my group.
      The only interesting rifles are accurate ones, the old saying. But what does that mean, what is accurate? One hole 1/3 of an inch in...
    • tenngun
      tenngun reacted to LME's post in the thread Help improving my group with Like Like.
      When I was in my sixties I could shoot well an off day for me looked excellent to others. I was never satisfied. Everyone, including me...
    • tenngun
      tenngun replied to the thread SMR Photos Please.
      Mine and all wrong, but I like her
      • IMG_3175.jpeg
    • tenngun
      tenngun reacted to IanH's post in the thread SMR Photos Please with Like Like.
      Mine is in a rare "bubbly" ash, just one tree and they're all long gone, but plain ash can look nice too. I used a weak ferric nitrate...
    • tenngun
      How come I can hear ‘whoops there goes another rubber tree plant’?
    • tenngun
      tenngun reacted to Brokennock's post in the thread FF or FFF? with Like Like.
      I don't wipe between shots, and with 3f I find that if the load is right fouling feels about the same from the second or third shot on...
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