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Let's see your Belt or Rifleman's knife

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May 30, 2020
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For as long as I can remember I've been fascinated by edged weapons and accoutrement, particularly from the 18th and 19th century.

Over the years I've become a serious student of what is commonly called the Rifleman's knife or belt knife, in my opinion the most essential of tools for those early American explorers and hunters.

As authentic examples are rare and hard to come by in any condition( they were carried and used!), fortunatly there are a few highly skilled craftsmen who build period correct and useable belt knives well suited for any hunter, shooter or collector.

Please post pics of your own belt knife or rifleman's knife, here are a couple of mine to begin;

Daniel Winkler


Rich McDonald ( present belt knife)



Rich McDonald ( previously owned)


Wick Ellerbe French butcher knife. A similarly styled knife I made from an old Cold Steel blade (I wish I had a dozen of them) with antler handle. I need to make a sheath for it. And a knife by Scott Summerville. I put the antler on that one.

Knives 002_800x597.jpg

An English scalper I made, also from an old Cold Steel blade.

Here is the only patch knife I ever made or owned. Never cut a patch or anything else with it. Made it when I purchased my first muzzle loading rifle in 1974. Made the blade from an old file. Still very sharp.


  • patch knife (1).JPG
    patch knife (1).JPG
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  • patch knife (2).JPG
    patch knife (2).JPG
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Rich McDonald of Longknives and Leather made this Riflemans knife 10" blade for me. His wife Jeanne made the rawhide lined sheath


  • riflemansknife2.jpg
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  • riflemansknife1.jpg
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