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    • waksupi
      waksupi reacted to Indy Durtdigger's post in the thread Ignition with Like Like.
      Wouldn't that hasten wearing off the hardened surface and lead to other problems prematurely?
    • waksupi
      waksupi reacted to bigted's post in the thread Ignition with Like Like.
      Gotta say that I never considered polishing the frizen. A 600 grit polish seems a bit too smooth to me. My frizens are gouged and rough...
    • waksupi
      I would like to see his assessment. There is something setting off alarm bells to me on the pictures.
    • waksupi
      waksupi reacted to Edm's post in the thread Help Please. with Like Like.
      Fill the chamber with 2F, pack it with bread and try it out. Then you can move to balls.
    • waksupi
      waksupi replied to the thread Help Please..
      It appears to have a powder chamber already to show you the proper load.
    • waksupi
      waksupi reacted to smo's post in the thread Smoothbore accuracy…. with Like Like.
      Here ya go …. RIP Mr Tip..🙏 Patched roundball …👍
    • waksupi
      waksupi replied to the thread Ignition.
      Poor lock geometry. With a good lock you should get AT LEAST 100 shots. The consensus among out local shooters is 120 shots is pretty...
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