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Two Feathers

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Apr 14, 2008
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Berwick, Pa. Columbia county
Howdy folks: from the shop of Two Feathers; This is for all you guys looking for a beautiful Rifleman's knife for the upcoming Rendezvous season!

Rendezvous season is just around the corner! Hopefully the Covid virus WON’T stop those! Soooooo Here’s a beautiful Scalping or Buffalo hunter knife with a classic, rustic, Mountain Man belt or sash sheath, with Spot decoration. Knives similar to these were sold by the Hudson’s Bay company until about the 1890’s

The price is reduced down from $200.00 + to $150.00 + $15.00 s&h USD$ shipped Priority mail & insured to any of the actual 50 United States.

Please buy American and support our local craftsmen.

The knife is 11” long overall. It has a 7”; 1095 high carbon steel, partial tang blade, that is 1-1/4” wide and 1/8” thick. It has a very sharp, traditional convex edge grind for Period correctness.
The handle is beautifully figured Cherry with (2) 1/8” Iron pins through the partial tang. The handle has been oil sealed, waxed, and buffed to a beautiful sheen.

This knife will live a very long time. It’s one you can pass down to future generations. There is nothing missing from this knife.

The sheath is made of 6 oz. Medium Brown oil tanned leather. It has a welt to protect the stitching and Traditional X stitching of natural colored artificial sinew, it also features 3 copper rivets and burrs along its edge for a more PC look and added strength. The belt slot will accept a 2-1/2” wide belt or sash. The belt slot also has stitching along the opening for added strength! There is a Cross pattern of antique Nickel spots for adornment; added interest, and further PC/HA correctness.

This knife WILL set you apart at your next gathering, Rendezvous, club shoot, or while just sitting round the campfire tellin’ tall tales! I’ve tried to make this one as PC as I could. While I do not claim to make PC/HA knives, I have patterned this one (and my other Buffalo Skinner, Scalping knives after photos I’ve seen of authentic relics, and drawings from Fur Trade sketch books.

Remember my motto, “if you’re gonna’ play the part then look the part.” And you’ll look the part with this beauty!

I ship/sell to Canada, but all prices are in USD$ to the 50 United states. Shipping outside of the US is costly. Prices will vary accordingly.

I prefer PayPal; and I CANNOT stress this enough, Please, use the PayPal friends option when sending funds! I also accept postal and bank money orders. MO’s will add 1 week for travel time. I ship same day as funds are received, the exceptions are Federal holidays, Sundays, PO hours, and severe weather. The USPS is currently NOT doing a very speedy job, so this knife could take a week or 2 to get to you? Just a heads-up.

If interested PM me here. As always, thanks for looking.

God bless:

Two Feathers


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