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So, A Mountain Man Walks Into A Gunshop....

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When I went out looking for my first muzzleloader the fellow at the gun counter informed me the Thompson Center Hawken would make the Mountain Men of yore fall into a swoon. He assured me it was a far finer gun than an original Hawken having a coil spring lock and all. Yup, the Thompson Center Hawken was one tough customer.

So, a Mountain Man walks into a gunshop and finds a whole rack full of modern production sidelock muzzleloading rifles, collectively referred to as "Hawken style" guns. Which gun does he walk out with?
I've had my TC Hawken since: not sure. It's been too long... Anyway, I like it a lot. Fine gun.
Proves wife swapping is nothing new, I was willing but the wife said she worth more than a cutting torch with empty tanks.

Well I would never threaten to trade my wife for a rifle, welder or cutting torch while she was standing there. One must position themselves strategically in the room before such offers are made. For example; we were all standing around in my friends living room partaking of a festive beverage In celebration of his new home. The subject of vacations came up. My wife exclaimed she wanted to go someplace exotic, someplace she had never been...I said try the kitchen. My friend said for his wife, it would be the laundry room and he got smacked right away.
Well I'm a guessin' that if said pilgrim was on his way up to the mountains then he'd be prit near broke. He's going with Traditions or CVA. Now if he just came down from the mountains and sold a bunch of beaver plews he's probably gonna listen to the sales guy and gets the T/C Hawken with it's shiny brass showin' off. But maybe the Renegade cause of it's blue furniture ain't spooking no game. Now iffen he's seen a real Hawkens he would be eyeing up a Great Plains Rifle.