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40 Cal
Jan 30, 2021
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So, I've had some comments about target size.... and it got me thinking, what's easy to shoot? Fish in a barrel? Well now we will get to see if the old saying holds any water! Or if it's just an old wives tail? May the odds be ever in your favor.

Download and print your target attached below. Write your forum screen name on the front of your target as soon as you print it!

This is a 5 shot target. Fire 5 shots at the barrel of fish, misses count! The individual fish are worth 8pts, the red bulls are worth 10. All scoring shots will be counted, no reason to concentrate on the individual fish.

The shooting distance for this contest is 25 yards.

No do-over’s. Print and shoot one target only. One rifle and one pistol is acceptable.
Only registered forum members may participate.

If you would like please take a picture of your target and post it on the forum under this months (May) shoot to share with other members.

Only traditional, open iron sighted muzzle loading firearms; peeps are allowed under the condition you mark your target so I know you used a peep. (Tracking it) NO Cannons. Percussion, flintlock or matchlock ignition only. Pistol will be in their own class. Cap and Ball revolvers are OK.

Patched round ball only. No restrictions on caliber. (a patchless ball may be used if so desired)

Shots shall be taken off-hand at the stated distance. Standing or seated is allowed, elbows unsupported by anything other than the shooters torso. In the event that a member is not physically able to hold his rifle up unsupported, a "prop-rod" that is supported only by the shooters torso, no part of which prop-rod may touch the ground, may be used to hold up the fore-end of the rifle.

Old Eyes - Small Targets, What To Do?
Considering the nature of the event being, a print and mail target and there being no prize other than bragging rights, the object is to encourage shooters to shoot and share their results, whatever they may be, in hopes we can all learn a bit. In September 2020 shoot participants overwhelmingly voted to adjust the rules to allow adding color to the target(s) to add contrast to better see the intended point of impact. This can be done at the individual shooters desire, this is optional.
Note: This may not be necessary with all targets but it has been adopted as a standing rule.

Pistol Class:
For those who would like, you can shoot one target with long gun and one with pistol. Please mark your target accordingly.

How close is close enough? Over half the ball must penetrate inside the scoring ring to be counted at the highest value. In other words, the ring in which the majority of the ball hits the target will be the score value. The center of the shot placement on the target will be determined by the judge. Judges decisions are final.

Fire 5 shots only, misses count! Mutilated targets or targets with more than 5 holes will be disqualified. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me.

I am going to continue to allow targets to be submitted via the postal service or electronically, as long as the Target images / scans are clear I will continue to allow it.

Option 1 (preferred):
Mail your target, postmarked no later than May 31st to:

Chris Duncan
1260 N Osage rd
Mulvane, KS 67110
Attn: May Target

Option 2:
Scan or photograph your target and email it no later than 11:59pm May 31st to:

[email protected]

Subject: May Target

As long as I can CLEARLY make the target out I'll accept it. ** Not having the original in hand, If I cannot easily determine which ring the majority of the hole lies within the lower number will be scored**

(I recommend using a dark backing paper when you scan / photograph it if possible so that the holes show clearly)

If you don’t mind sharing I would also like to know what you’re shooting. Include type of firearm, caliber, ball diameter, patch thickness, lube, powder type and grains used, barrel length and twist rate. This isn’t required I’m just the curious sort.

Thanks for shooting, now lets get out there and make smoke!


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Mar 13, 2020
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On the Border in Idaho looking at BC
don't have time left to waste, shot mine today!
don't be mean now, best i could do. guess i'll have grouse for supper instead of fish! do i get extra points for draining the barrel?
may member shoot.jpg

11th corps

40 Cal.
Mar 26, 2005
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If I had been shooting for group it wasn't too bad. Except for that flyer. Don't know what happened there.
Anyway it was enjoyable.
.50 Thompson Center Hawken flintlock
.490 round ball
50 G of 3F
Pillow tick patch, bore butter lube. Need to find a better patch lube.
Mar 13, 2020
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On the Border in Idaho looking at BC
Shot mine. Frontier flintlock .50 cal 25 yds off hand. 50 grains Schutzen 3fg. .490 ball. .010 patch.
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you be eating fish tonight! find some fresh Morels and some lemon and dig in!
good shooting for a month old flintlock shooter! you have me thinking of getting a Frontier! unfortunately the marksmanship doesn't come in the mail so i would still be far behind you!
Feb 17, 2010
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mid-Hudson Valley, N.Y.
Went "fishing" today: Got a few, but more got away than were "landed." Btw, I tried a .495" RB (.497" in fact) with a thin (.011" - 012") patch over 70gr. Goex FFg. While that combination works OK, it is a bear to start and seat. OTOH, I got no burned patches with that material and accuracy was better than I was. In the future, I think I'll stay with a ~.490" RB and .018" pillow ticking patches as that combination is easier to start and seat and quite accurate to boot.