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December 2023 Postal Match

Muzzleloading Forum

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Well I went out and shot my targets. Set up my little wall tent with the intentions of ringing in the new year "proper".... made it till 11:30, but it's 18° and no stove in the tent.
I read about 50 pages of Osborne Russell's Journal of a Trapper by the fire light and then the Buffalo robe started to lose its Romance . So I fired my pistol off, and came home to play on the internet with you folks.

I was glad to just hit the paper with Lone Watti. My 62cal smoothbore pistol...no rear sight


Not my best showing with the Kolonial, as I had a considerable flinch going on for a few other shots Lol... but it's still great to be alive and to be shooting!
Edit:... well crapola, while proofreading my post I just noticed that somehow I shot seven holes in my rifle target(?) I don't know how I managed to do that, so I guess I'll have to bow-out. It was a good effort anyway even if I DQ'd my target! Hahaha

Thank you, to all of you, for a great year in the contests!
Happy new year!
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Thanks for posting Freedom - kudos for attempting to shoot in that cold weather. I didn't like shooting when it was 40 degrees out! 🥶

Are you shooting from a pouch? I figure that's how we usually lose track of how many shots fired unless we walk up to the target after each shot! Glad you had fun with the December target. I was going to shoot the pistol target yesterday but ended up taking my 13 year old neighbor to the range to shoot and by the time he was done there wasn't time left for me to shoot the Ruger Old Army. That's okay - I can always shoot my Ruger, but he is getting older and at some point may not want to get out to shoot once he gets interested in other teenage pursuits!

I'm going to post my rifle target and have to get going today to post a target for January. Happy New Year!
Shot the pig target on Friday with my Kibler .32 SMR. Cold and windy day and I was bundled up with a bulky jacket - that's my excuse for not doing better:ghostly:

I shot from a rest the first target and hit low the first shot. Both targets seem to be trending a little left, so next outing I will adjust my sight a bit to the right.

For 40 years, up until a couple of years ago, the only rifle I ever shot was a .40 flintlock that I built in 1981 and I always knew where to hold point of aim. Now I rotate between a half dozen rifles with different style sights, and every time I go out I have to shoot a few times to figure out the particular rifle's point of aim. Easy for me to get confused - I think I need to get a little book with particulars for each rifle's favorite load and proper sight picture.

December 2023 completed Benchrest target.jpg
December 2023 completed OH target.jpg
Light turnout for December - figure many members were busy with holiday activities, including me! Hope everyone had a healthy and happy holiday season.

Had 9 participants for December and results shown below. January target is posted and I look forward to seeing some good scores on it.


2023 ML Match Results.jpg