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April Postal Match Target Celebrates National Kite Month!

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Nov 2, 2003
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The Month of April is National Kite Month​

Everyone should go fly a kite in April, but if you are too old like me to run around trying to fly a kite, let's shoot one instead in April! Here is a target that you can get a start on this weekend.

The usual three categories: rifle, smoothbore, (smoothbore must not be equipped with rear sight - front sight/bead only) or handgun

Two ways to shoot: Offhand from 25 yards with rifle or smoothbore or 15 yards with handgun.
Bench rest/supported from 25 yards with rifle or smoothbore or 15 yards with handgun

Mark the box on your targets as either rifle or smoothbore or handgun and either offhand or benchrest/supported.

5 shots for score
Hit the center bull for 10 points. Hits anywhere else in the kite count 6 or 3 points as shown on target.

Ball must be half way into the target area to score points. Maximum score is 50 pts.

Shoot as many times as you wish but please only post one target per category with pictures of target (and gear, if possible - we love to see everyone's equipment and load data!) Post jpg or pdf formats. Please score your own targets and write your score on the target along with information on the load you used. I will check scores and it helps me if you will draw a line to each hole in the target and write your points for each shot - makes it easier for me to check the targets.

Prize is same as always - bragging rights on the forum!
I will be posting March results next week.


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I shot it today with my Ruger Old Army :) 39 points IMG_1910.jpeg
I have to shoot it with a rifle but I found it a little easier to see the bull when I shot it with a handgun :thumb:
Hope you enjoy it Nessmuk!
Thanks to Gary for calling the shot. I might be able to keep all my shots close on this one😉
well I kind of stunk it up a little..... I suppose I was dropping my rifle as I pulled the trigger but it could just be old and shaky

.45 SMR 90 grains of FFF goex, .445 ball .015 prelubed patch


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