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December 2023 Postal Match

Muzzleloading Forum

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Once again, I’ve got some nice groups but couldn’t find the 10 spots. 25 pts I think.
Gary, thanks for keeping this going.

Good morning everyone,

First time posting and first time submitting a target, so bare with me.
25yds benchrest, traditions Kentucky .45 W/ L&R flintlock, 55 Grns Pyrodex RS primed with home brew BP for flash pan.
.440 RB with .10 dry patch
25 points

BTW I know pyrodex is not ideal for Flintlocks but im working with what I have on hand.

22DEC23 target.jpg
Thanks Salty for posting your target - your group looks like the one I shot with my revolver today - all high! I am going to try again next week.

KE8KOR - welcome to the club and thanks for posting your target - looks like a 25 to me. You have to use what's available to you, so as long as it goes BANG quickly, have at it!
Sorry but I won’t be able to shoot this months target. I had some surgery earlier this mont, was in the hospital for a week and can’t lift anything over 5 lbs until the first part of Januar. Thanks for putting on this match. I enjoy shooting it every month. 🧑🏻‍🎄Happy Holidays to all☃️
Glorious day in the Heartland. Mid 40's, no wind, sunny.
Northwest Trade Gun smoothbore flintlock
.600 round ball, spit patch-well most of the time.
60 grains of 3F
I was very pleased with two 10 shots. I did have a hangfire and that one landed outside the scoring zone. The high right strike.
I put my score at 25-off hand.


I did try a dry patch.
this was the result.

Glad it wasn't the dry hot summer. This 25 yard range is covered in gravel. The 200 yard range is all grass.
Thanks for posting! I never tried loading a dry patch - wonder if the same result would happen with a smaller caliber like a .32 :dunno:
Gary, You've probably heard this before but Mike Venturino says there is no documentation that he can find that shows smoothbores being loaded with patches during the colonial period. So he shoots bare ball with tow or cardboard iirc over the top of the ball. I just wanted to try it, but was concerned about the ball rolling forward in the barrel after loading if nothing was holding it in the bore.
Had time to shoot these targets during some down time while helping a good friend out with some chores at his ranch this week.
I have an extra hole in the rested target from my first squib shot that was intended to hit between the 2 targets, guess I should have stapled them a little further apart.
Please adjust my score accordingly if it's not in keeping with the fine spirit of this event :)
Not sure about the hit on the ears of the rested target either... I gave it a 0 but if the ears count, maybe it's another 5 pts ?

This is really fun, thanks for doing this every month Gary 👍
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Thanks for posting Kelvinator! On your rested target I would score that a 55 - looks like you have 1/2 of the ball into his ear. On the Offhand target I will score as a 25 - the top hole is right on the line so I will score that as a 10.

I hope to shoot this tomorrow with my ROA revolver. Weather here in GA is cold and windy - only in 40's🥶
I know - I moved to Georgia from Minnesota in 1986 and my blood must have thinned out too much - can’t tolerate the cold like I used to!