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Kibler SMR finally finished in cherry

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I am looking into the very same/similar build for my first kit order from Kibler so I am very happy to see a cherry look so nice. Beautiful rifle!
Thank you, Sir. If you keep your eye out on their quick ship, they may have a deal on one again. I checked daily for a few weeks before I found this kit.
So, did you get an opportunity to shoot with your grandson? If so, how did it go?
I did and we had a good time. It was the first time my grandson and his dad shot a flintlock. I also broke out one of my 1858s and let them shoot it a few times. It was fun times and even my 8-year-old granddaughter had to have some trigger time on the SMR.
For those considering a Kibler kit gun, don't judge Kibler by my finished rifle. I put the finishing touches on my SMR today. It was a 40 caliber quick ship kit I saved a few bucks on, The wood finish is a lye wash with Permalyn sealer. The metal finish is Jax black which was slightly distressed. The ram rod finish is just Permalyn. The patch box and toe plate were ordered from Muzzle Loaders Builders Supply.

I added a few more pictures in case someone wanted to see my lack of inletting skills.
View attachment 176640
View attachment 176641
View attachment 176642
View attachment 176643
View attachment 176778
View attachment 176779
View attachment 176780
View attachment 176781
View attachment 176782
View attachment 176783
Did you stain it? Here's a pic of my cherry mountain rifle. The shock finished with Tung Oil. No stain.