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SOLD Kibler SMR 45 Cal SPF

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40 Cal
Feb 28, 2019
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Dayton, Wyoming

I have for sale a Jim Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle (SMR) in .45 caliber round ball. Stock is cherry, barrel is the 46” Rice, 1x66 twist, and lock is the Chambers Late Ketland with one flint and pad. This is the older kit that Jim sold several years ago. I bought this recently the kit and built the rifle.

I added a few items, including a custom made toeplate and nose or muzzle guard, along with an extra ramrod tip in steel, 8x32 thread, and modified the Kibler steel ramrod tip to 10x32. You can now use both sizes of ramrod attachments. I also plugged the rear sight dovetail, the plug is removable, if you wish to add a rear barrel sight. I did add a Johnson peep sight, which is also removable. I have the same peep on all my rifles and they look and work great.

The stock was finished with crystal lye, washed with vinegar/water and then two coats of Laurel Mountain Forge Permalyn Sealer applied. All metal was blued. Both the stock and metal were sanded back with 0000 steel wool to give the rifle a used but not abused look. I made this a plain looking working rifle, but the wood does have nice figure. Overall, the rifle looks very nice and has never been fired.

Also included is a SMR banded powder horn that I picked up sometime in the recent past. It is marked EM 2021 by the maker, but I do not recall the name.

Rifle and horn will be shipped in the Kibler wooden create it came in, directly to your door. Selling for $1600 shipped and Lay-A-Way is available. Payment by check or MO, but no electronic payments or trades. Contact me with any questions and thanks for looking.

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