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December 2022 Postal Match

Muzzleloading Forum

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Nov 2, 2003
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The year is almost over - can't believe how quickly 2022 has slipped by! Trying to make a target that is visible and a little challenging for December. Since hunting season is upon us, this month you will be shooting at some moose, birds and fir trees. (Figure a few trees get shot when shooting at the deer/moose/elk!)

10 shots for score - white circles score 10 or 8 pts as shown. Hits in the black score 5 pts. 1/2 the ball diameter must be inside the scoring area to count. Max score is 88 pts.

Shoot offhand at 25 yds for rifle and 15 yds for pistols. If you have a disability and cannot stand and shoot offhand you are welcome to shoot from the sitting position. Shoot as many targets as you like but only post your best target to the forum.

Score your own targets and write your rifle/pistol information on the target along with load data. Please post pictures of your rifle/pistol - I like seeing what everyone is shooting!

I have been enjoying these matches and thanks to everyone that participates. I wish you all a blessed holiday season.



  • Dec 2022 Target.pdf
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.40 caliber Poor Boy flintlock
.390 RB PT Patch bore butter lube
40 grains of 3F

Cold in Indiana this Saturday. And windy.

11th corps - thanks for posting your target! Will you score it? The pic is a bit blurred and I can’t see it well enough to score it. I’m looking forward to getting out this month to shoot it.
I think you did real well with your target Richard! I haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet and won’t be able to get out until right before the holiday. I sure hope these old eyes can see those shapes at 25 yards!
Hi guys,

It sure seems like its been awhile, I haven't logged in since last June! with everything that happened back in the spring I just fell into a funk and withdrew into my own world. Its been a full year since i've even been to the range. I'm getting the spark back though and I am glad to see that Gary picked up these matches. I am going to print out a target and take a whack at it and see how I do after a year without shooting! It looks like it will really put a strain on my eyes for sure just looking at it!

Hi Chris - welcome back! Glad to hear you are getting back into it. I haven't shot this target yet - attending a wedding this week so hope to get to it when I get back next week. Maybe I need to start making the targets larger - I am having a hard time seeing some of them myself!


I was just about to print my target when I went back and read the fine print! I get to print more than 1! Gone are the days of that one blasted flinch messing everything up!

Well in actuality I now just get the chance for a random flinch on more than one target!

Thanks for Hosting Gary!