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June Postal Match Target

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Nov 2, 2003
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June 27 is National Sunglasses Day!​

Summer is upon us so seemed appropriate to use a common accessory as a target. This should help those of us that have a problem with windage because you can score on either lens.

The usual three categories: rifle, smoothbore, (smoothbore must not be equipped with rear sight - front sight/bead only) or handgun

Two ways to shoot: Offhand from 25 yards with rifle or smoothbore or 15 yards with handgun.
Bench rest/supported from 25 yards with rifle or smoothbore or 15 yards with handgun

Mark the box on your targets as either rifle or smoothbore or handgun and either offhand or benchrest/supported.

5 shots for score
Hit either lens and score 10 points. Hits anywhere else in the frame score 5 points.

Ball must be half way into the target area to score points. Maximum score is 50 pts.

Shoot as many times as you wish but please only post one target per category with pictures of target (and gear, if possible - we love to see everyone's equipment and load data!) Post jpg or pdf formats. Please score your own targets and write your score on the target along with information on the load you used. I will check scores and it helps me if you will draw a line to each hole in the target and write your points for each shot - makes it easier for me to check the targets.

Prize is same as always - bragging rights on the forum!
I will be posting May results next week.


  • June 2024 Target.pdf
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My rib injury has healed enough to allow me to participate in the June Frolic. Here are 3 of my targets, which I fired earlier today. Even though I had my excuses ready, I apparently didn't need them [today], as I could see the targets very well.

The particulars: I shot from a semi-rest position, i.e., kneeling with my right knee on the ground and my right arm on the bench. The gun was my . 50cal. Lyman Great Plains Rifle (1:60 twist) with the buckhorn rear sight (I fixed the "wandering zero" problem.) The load was 50gr. GOEX/Graf's FFg + a .495" RB* which I cast (Lee Precision mould; actual die = .497"). The patch was a "Sew Classics" thin twill @ .011" that I got at JoAnn Fabrics several years ago. Although thin, it is very tough and stands up to substantially heavier powder charges than I used today. The lube was 1 Ballistol : 6 water which allowed me to shoot 15 shots without swabbing the bore. Today the rifle was dead on even though I haven't fired it since January.

Edit: I used Remington #11 percussion caps, but saw no difference between those and the Winchester #11 magnum caps I often use as I have more of the latter.

*This is a very tight ball and patch combination which required me to use a steel ramrod and plastic mallet to start and seat the RB, not the kind of thing you want for a woods walk!


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I forgot to check the box that I was shooting off sticks.
After 3 shots on the left the target was pretty torn up so I put the last 2 in the right.
.54 caliber Woodsrunner i finished about a month ago.
120 grains of FF goex behind a 535 ball


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That's a lot of powder for a .535" RB, Buff!
I was have been using that load for 25 years in a .54 cap lock. When I finished the Kibler it was the first load I tried figuring I would work down from there. As luck would have it, the gun shot better than I can see to shoot it so I have never tried anything else
Looks like you have that Cook Underhammer dialed in. Nice shooting!
Thanks! I have to diagnose the miss fire problem I been having with the Cook. I measured the nipples fire hole and it was only .019 in diameter. I ordered a pack of No. 71 size drill bits. This should open up the flash hole to about .027 Dia. I think this will be the cure.
Made it out to shoot. Underhammer my father in law gave to me awhile back. Converted it to musket cap nipple much easier to cap! And have lots of them! 2 targets one off hand not so good. One on bench much better.

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