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A Bess like musket

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Jan 24, 2005
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New England, New South Wales, Australia.
If we were to call the common Bess “Miss Bess” then this one would be “Lady Bess”

She’s very refined

and her lock shows good breeding.
Unfortunately I’ve hit a snag and can’t bring the lock up

Seller’s text,
”A rare and very high quality 11B Brown Bess type flintlock musket made by H. W. Mortimer & Co. in about 1800. The lock has a French pattern cock and waterproof V shape pan. The frizzen has a roller and the frizzen spring has a tension adjuster. This lock is duelling pistol quality. The stock is checkered on the wrist and forend. There is a large brass escutcheon on the wrist with the owners name H. Tripp . The musket is almost identical to the musket made for H.W. Mortimer Jnr for his service in the Law Association Volunteers and I believe this could also have been used by one of these Volunteers. See pages 84 and 85 of The Mortimer Gunmakers 1753 - 1923 by Lee Munson for an almost identical musket. This is one of the best quality muskets I have ever seen. It is in excellent condition with crisp markings and certainly collector grade.”
Can be seen on Fine Sporting Collectables Limited

Seems that I did, somehow😀


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