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SOLD Pedersoli Bess, sold

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Dec 19, 2021
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Good morning, I originally wanted a carbine Bess. Did not like the 31 “ barrel setup that they come with. This is my interpretation of a handy lightweight and very good hunting BB. It’s a Pedersoli so no more needs to be said on quality. It’s a tad bit longer with a 34” barrel, wich to me to me seems really ideal. I don’t like a simple cut down with raw wood on the end musket. This was shortened and the nose cap, entry pipe and all moved to the exact location they originally were. A turtle front sight added, the ram rod cut and re welded ( has the threaded end) just like original. The barrel has been de farbed ( can’t stand all that Italian and safety stuff ! ). Barrel and ramrod both nicely browned so not as reflective in the woods. Left the lock white, not being sure of if I wanted to go that far. The only thing I think I would change is rub out the stock, it’s to shiny for me. Maybe some bone black etc. It’s a wonderful hunting weapon with many Hogs, Deer and Turkey under her belt. I bought her new in 2014. $1100 plus shipping. I’m located in the NC Piedmont. Almost forgot 51” over all. Not sure of the weight. Thanks
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