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    Caps at wally world

    A very good deed leaving three tins for the next buyer. :thumb:
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    WANTED Thompson center Percussion Hammer

    NorthernIDpike - As Dryball posted above: The Gun Works. They might have the Thompson Center lock in their shop. They are good folks to deal with. Never an issue with them in over three decades.
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    I need a little advice

    Would like to see more. :thumb:
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    Lots of good scam prevention information posted. Scammers seem to use gmail a lot. gmail is a red flag warning. Equipment scammers on craigslist almost exclusively use gmail accounts.
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    Who made the CVA Wells Fargo 1849 ?

    Most of the CVA revolvers I've owned or handled were made by Armi San Marco. Usually marked with their name or ASM on the bottom barrel flat. Usually lightly or faintly marked.
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    A Gun Dealer in Arizona?

    Opps. Duplicate post deleted.
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    A Gun Dealer in Arizona?

    If there are quite a few valuable black powder accessory items in addition to Zonie's black powder guns it might be worthwhile to contact Lock,Stock and Barrel Investments in Southern California or Carol Watson's Orange Coast Auctions also in Southern California. Both of these companies auction...
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    Sad news - Zonie has passed

    Always respected and learned from Zonie's posts. His wisdom, guidance and willingness to share will be greatly missed on this forum he greatly helped to build. Thank you, young Jim, for letting us know. Prayers sent for you and your family.
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    Bought TC Cherokee barrel on an online auction

    Congratulations ! Nice deal on that hard to find Thompson Center barrel. :thumb:
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    Colt 1860 Army 2nd. Gen. & Slixshot nipples

    Oops, my Uberti's are really old and metric. :doh:
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    Colt 1860 Army 2nd. Gen. & Slixshot nipples

    Uberti revolvers are metric thread so Uberti type nipples will not work in Colt 2nd Generations which are not metric threaded. Looking on the Slixprings website you will see there are no nipples available at present for the Colt 2nd Generations...
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    Parts for Ruger Old Army?

    Ruger Old Army parts are on ebay fairly frequently. Prices vary quite a bit depending on interest. Got a cylinder pin for a friend last year.
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    Made a hike out of it.

    Good luck in bear season ! Beautiful stream. Love the sound. :thumb:
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    Ruger Old Army nipple removal

    Good suggestions above. I like to use a 50 50 mix of acetone and red colored ATF (Automatic transmission fluid). After the mix has time to soak in I use a metal drift to tap repeatedly on the nipple inside the cylinder and on the top side. Has worked well on some rusty Colt style cylinders...
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    1860 Parts

    Thanks Columbus! Had forgotten that Deer Creek has a good selection of Armi San Marco (ASM) parts. Have only heard good things about Deer Creek but have never bought from them. Have read online several times that some Uberti parts will work in Armi San Marco's but have not needed to try it so...