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    Cylinder reaming before/after

    Thanks for the heads up I will try it when my reamer gets here. Stacey
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    Cylinder reaming before/after

    Where would a guy find a reamer of that size ? Stacey
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    CLOSED 18th Century Fowler

    Could you show the none lock side and trigger gaurd please Stacey
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    Tower lock Rifle rebuild

    Have you tried shooting it first? Stacey
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    English SxS rifle

    Art will you give her my name and adress Stacey
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    Small game handgun hunting.

    I hunt rabbits with a remington revoler.Out to 25 yards its a lot of fun. STACEY
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    Need a good light load recomendation for .45 cal mtn rifle

    I shoot 35gr in a CVA .45 for squirrel and rabbits with fine accuracy. Stacey
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    DOC I live in Boone and am willing to help you out with not having time to use it all up . Stacey
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    TRS Wall gun

    I bet she swings nice. Stacey
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    Is there a best caliber for a Hawken style black powder rifle?

    Gus any ideas on how barrel bands play in all this STACEY
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    Sized ball!?

    Never try it with balls. What are you going to shoot them out of Stacey
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    Unusual Side Hammer Rifle

    You lucky guy. My wife would not let me bid on it. I belive it is out of NEW YORK about 1870. Stacey
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    Pick My Lock! :D

    Good choice. You make the right desion as far as Iam concerned. Stacey
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    Traditions .32 Crockett kit

    I use 15g fff and .310. No need to over load it. Stacey