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    This was my first and only "build/assemble/whatever" - CVA .45 cal. Kentucky

    I have a question for the posters. What is the length of pull on these? My brother gave me one he didn't really care for. The LOP is barely 13". Is that common or maybe just a youth model?
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    Track of the wolf and the lefthand builder

    Pecatonia has a left hand Isaac Haines and others available. It's not in their catalog but if you call and talk to someone there you'll probably find they'll be willing to do quite a bit to help you out.
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    Underhammer kits?

    Mine is a .58 or 24 gauge smoothbore. 36" barrel about 14 3/8" to 14 1/2" LOP just for perspective. I put that small Shutzen style butt plate on to help with the LOP. It weighs about 2 lbs so I'm going to take the knobs off and maybe drill or rout out some hollows from the inside to reduce...
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    Underhammer kits?

    I finished up a Pecatonia H & A recently. I've never done anything like that and it went together nicely. I had them cut the dovetails, solder on the ramrod pipes, install nipple and the other gunsmithing work. The standard wood looks really good after it was finished. Make sure you are...
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    Dutch Schoutz

    Talked to him an hour ago.
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    Hello from Eastern New Mexico

    Welcome, from the Oklahoma Panhandle! Sounds like are off to a great start.
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    Track of the wolf

    Be thankful they set it FedEx. Mine was shipped the 8th--may be in tomorrow the 23rd. I called USPS more than once and never got to talk to real person. Every time I left very low reviews and within an hour after the last try got my first text that it was finally moving out of the first post...
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    Underhammer--Switching Barrels

    Thanks! Makes sense to me.
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    Underhammer--Switching Barrels

    I've got a question for those who have the H&A underhammers with the allen set screws holding the barrel in place. How do you get them in the same place when you remove them or switch them with another barrel? I don't have a rear sight on my smoothbore and when I get a rifle barrel for it I'll...
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    Underhammer Barrel Length

    LostinIdaho: What barrel diameter did you get? Are you wanting it to weigh similar to your 20 gauge barrel?
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    I saw Elk Grove, Illinois mentioned above. That's where my order seemed to stall out, but don't give up. I just got at email that it should get to me today--three weeks after it arrived at Elk Grove. I've heard Denver, CO is a place for mail to stall out also. That was my experience once and...
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    An order from Illinois shipped 14th of December--somewhere out in never never land, An order from California shipped the 6th got in today--9th. Both USPS to Oklahoma. Normally they are pretty good.
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    H&A or Allen Underhammer Action?

    Thanks! Advice I like....but like lonewolf, I'd sure like to hear from someone who has owned both.
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    H&A or Allen Underhammer Action?

    That is exactly what has been keeping me on the fence. They didn't have the Allen actions a couple weeks ago, have you called to see if they are available yet? I wish someone who has had both would chime in and give their opinion on which they like better. Pros and cons.
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    Underhammer Actions?

    Mark, Thanks! That was the kind of information I was wanting. Thanks for the heads up on the rifle for sale but I was too late and missed it. I've got a man that trades a lot watching for me and I'll probably put my own ad on in a while and see what I can find.