SOLD TVM Tennessee Rifle .40

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Jul 26, 2014
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Guys up for sale today we have an UNFIRED TVM Tennessee Kentucky flintlock long Rifle!

Condition is brand spanking new. I’ve never once fired it and I am the one who commissioned it. Just some normal scrapes on the frizzen from testing the lock is ALL the wear you will see on this mint gun. Caliber is .40 with a round bottom rifling Rice barrel, 42” in length. Gorgeous curly maple’s wood stock with old fashioned grease hole in the stock for lube. Features a Jim Chamber’s Late Ketland lock, the best around! German silver front sight. Made in the “mountain rifle” style.

Also included in the bundle is a wonderful solid brass range rod with jag, breech scraper (or is it a breach scraper??), ball puller, patch worm, turnscrew, 11 black English flints, bag of patches, .389” cast round balls, and Hornady .395” round swaged balls. Also comes with a custom short starter, pan primer, and handmade possibles pouch and powder horn from an artisan who was at the Fort de Charters rondy a few years back (can’t remember his name) that are gorgeous.

Guys, I have a lot into this rifle and gear, but I’m prepared to take the hit for this because I’m in the U.S. Air Force and am deploying soon and just need to clear some stuff out. I’ve got too many guns to shoot and not enough time! Going to have to let this sweet longrifle go. Now for the price... again, I’m taking the hit to pass the savings on to you... *takes deep breath*... ponders life choices...

$1400 SHIPPED!!!

No, I’m NOT going crackers, at least that’s what I keep telling myself!! GOOD LUCK trying to find a brand new, never fired custom American-made traditional flintlock made with these superb components for anywhere approaching this sum. The accouterments alone are worth a couple of hundred easily. If you pass on this deal, I highly suggest you schedule an appointment with the head doctor!!!

I accept USPS money orders as payment, or PayPal, but if we use PayPal we have to be careful and not call it a gun because PayPal is ignorant. PM me for more pictures. Thanks for looking, and have a happy Veteran’s Day guys! :)



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Jul 25, 2007
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I Think so, not the same description it seems...... however.

Great buy for someone.
Nov 7, 2019
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I joined the forum a few days ago but lurked here off an on for years for mostly percussion info.
This fall I caught the Flintlock bug.
I'd been hem hawing looking to start with something upscale, but not an ultimate custom build (Until I gain more knowledge).
This sale seems pretty timely.
So I'll take it if still available. PM sent
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