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SOLD Navy Arms Creedmoor (Rigby) Rifle 45 Caliber - Trades?

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Feb 3, 2017
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North Florida
I have the below shown CreedMoor Match Rifle for sale or trade. It is a Rigby style rifle made by Intermarco and sold by Navy Arms. It is "New In Box" and includes all the accessories shown, which are a ram rod (plastic), bullet starter, bullet sizer, two copper-berylium nipples (metric I think) and a nipple wrench - all factory provided. The rifle came in the shown fitted case when sold. It was built to shoot elongated bullets and my research has shown that a preferred mold is the Lyman #457121PH. This rifle has not been fired. It has been oiled and the lock has been properly greased. The bore is pristine. It also comes with the owners manual, a Certificate documenting the build and the warranty cards.

The specifications are:

45 caliber
8.8 Lbs. approximate weight
Overall Length of 49"
32" long Octagon to round barrel
1-25" RH twist
8 grooves
Adjustable windage hooded front sight
Precision tang aperture rear sight w/ marked vernier scale
Patent hooked breech
Walnut stock
Single trigger

I am asking $900 plus $80 for fully insured USPS Priority mail shipping to areas East of the Mississippi River - $90 shipping to locations out West. I take USPS Money Orders as payment or I can take a credit/debit card by phone with the added 3.5% fee they charge me.

As far as trades, whether straight trades or partial - I am open to the following. Custom or production guns (rifles) that are well built and they must have a pristine bore - no exceptions on the bore. I am particularly interested in round ball rifles that can be shot in matches (adjustable sights). Rifles such as the Thompson Center PA Match rifle, Jaeger's or TC's with the Round Ball Twist barrels are some possibilities. Flintlock or percussion.

IMG_1140 2.JPG
This is the intermediate range rifle. Lightweight (relatively) barrel profile and length designed for 600 yard and under competition. The heavier weight rifles are usually between 12.5 and 15 pounds. This rifle should be accurate to a thousand yards as well but using the heavier charges to shoot those ranges will quickly wear on the shooter. This is an excellent deal, the last of these I owned I sold for $1200.00. It had no case or other accessories. I’m so very tempted by this one… good luck with your sale!
Thanks for the comments.

Bad Karma, you sure could solve that temptation with this one. NIB with all the goodies. :thumb: The accessories should be worth quite a bit. The rifle is just out of my current ML game. I am into round ball match shooting and hunting. I thought I might get it sleeved into a 40 caliber slow twist, but decided not to mess it up.
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