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I didn't say you were. In fact, I said I was NOT saying it was a scam, specifically NOT accusing you. I was offering a reason for the lack of interest.

You didn't say that before.

Yes, but there is some recourse with USPS money orders.
Wasn’t trying to attack you sir, just stating some facts. I personally think the reason it hasn’t sold is due to our good buddy joe biden🙄 the last 6 months or so has really slowed down and people are not spending like they were. Inflation has finally caught up to the average working man and it’s sickening to even go to the grocery store anymore. When people have to worry about a 2-300 dollar food bill at the store they slow down on buying wants like guns etc and have to worry about there needs. Anyway sorry for the rant and I wasn’t calling you out I was just sayin, I’m no scammer and I do take money order’s!