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Mar 20, 2018
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Yuma Az
Ray, your picture reminds me of the first elk I ever killed. I was a spike bull with spikes about 2 feet long. One pointed up like it was supposed to and the other pointed straight in front of his head. After he was down we discovered the the entire skull plate on the right side of his head was broken and loose. He had to be a miserable animal and I put him out of his misery. Didn't know it at the time as he was running. Don't know how that happened to him but he probably ran into a tree or something with that side.


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Jan 9, 2017
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Thanks, definitely going to bump my powder charge up to 80 or 90 grains (I was using 70 of 3Fg Old Eynsford). Even at 70 grains the chest cavity was a mess with massive bruising on the offside, just no exit wound.
I shot an 8 with 90 gr OE 3F on 6 in new snow quartering in /head down feeding 87 yds(ranged) and saw it run off with 5 others . Got down and had no trouble finding track because the near shoulder was broke causing it t drag. The weird thing was no blood /hair nothing and I followed that into the neighbors wood for a total of maybe 120-130 yds with nothing and to my right piled up under a cedar tree this buck laid in a pile of blood . Come to find out a round ball shot fast enough under 100 yds will often mushroom and like this layed under the hide on the far side just like your flying saucer . No exit and entry side was high on the hide cause the deer was head down == no blood but a little more yardage /less speed the ball exits with good blood /happened 2x with me/Ed