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      After many years of shooting modern rifles and pistols in competitions it all became somewhat boring and too repetitive. Found a new...
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      mushka replied to the thread 54 caliber, not so odd any more?.
      My first BP rifle was a .54 TC kit that my wife bought as a Christmas gift in about 1985. I didn't put it together til the winter of 87...
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      Fire cleans and purifies. Burn the tool and if it gets cleaned off your problem is solved. If burning ruins the tool your problem is...
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      mushka replied to the thread To go left-handed or not.
      In 1990 my right retina was lazered. Was right handed, Started shooting long guns left side and a year later was back to shooting high...
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      mushka replied to the thread Lead could dissolve a marriage.
      Women shouldn't mess with things that aren't their own.
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      mushka replied to the thread Primers.
      In the not too distant past always bought primers by the 5000 case and powder in 8 lb containers. I still have some of it and it is...
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      mushka replied to the thread Does this look right to you ?.
      I'm more into function than aesthetics. If it shot well I personally wouldn't mess with it.
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      I have never liked set triggers with a rear trigger for the set but I'm too inept to change the system. Now even more so with the onset...
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      mushka replied to the thread time machine.
      I went to the store the other day and I forgot my little flip phone. I felt a little more free than usual. fo figure. I may leave it...
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