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Shooting the New Trade Gun

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May 28, 2022
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Louisiana & My camp in Mississippi
Well the gun does shoot, which was a big relief! Even better is that I like shooting it. I had waited to the last minute to order patches, cards, and wads from TOW, so there sitting at home in Louisiana! So I cut squares from some .020 strips and used my homemade lube on them. I only shot 12 balls. I started late and it was hotter than expected. The gun performed great. No flash in the pans and fast ignition except 2 slight hang fires. Both of those were from using too much prime I believe, they were just enough to cause 2 pulled shots. Trigger is light and crisp. I shot from the bench, but the gun begs to be shot off hand, it feels good at the shoulder. I used 2F Goex main charge and 4F Goex prime. First 4 shots are with 70 grs at 25 yards. It’s shooting low, 2 of the holes touching and the first hang fire pulled right.


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Then I tried at 50 yards, still with 80 grs. The 2nd hang fire was on the next to the last shot and pulled right. I was just sweating too much to keep shooting. So I definitely have to do some filing on the front sight and start some serious load development and get used to the gun too. But for the first outing I’m pleased. My makeshift patches looked ok too.


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