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October 2022 Muzzleloading deer

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45 Cal.
Jun 30, 2009
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Congratulations! I too had a dry year last year. Early muzzleloader is in now for doe and bear. So far, nothing.


Hunt to Live
MLF Supporter
Mar 18, 2013
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Central PA
Nice little buck--probably going to taste great!

Similar thing happened to me a few years ago. Probably the biggest buck I ever shot, and I got him still hunting, too. Anyway I was on one shoulder of a ridge that I know really well, we saw each other at the same time, he jumped and ran. I knew from the terrain exactly where he would end up, so I circled around to the other side of the ridge and there he was, looking back towards where he last saw me. One shot at 30 yards, behind the shoulder. He turned and vanished. I looked until dark, but couldn't find him. I came back the next day and in the bright morning light I found the tiniest of blood trails. Turns out he went about 15 yards and fell into a big crack in the rocky ground. He was about 3-4 feet down, wedged in. I had a friend with me and we were able to muscle him out, but being trapped like that in the crack must have kept him warm too long even though it had been a cold night. Meat was totally spoiled. You're lucky yours was still good.
Death by crack. The hunting reports here are the best part of this great website, except for the technical advice, and the shooting guidance, and the photos.

R Owens

32 Cal
Oct 23, 2022
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New Yorks ML season opened on the 15th. Any ML qualifies (including scoped modern ML with modern propellants. I choose to stay with my traditional patch and ball, black powder charged Lyman GPR. Last year was my first dry year in ...over thirty years. Although it didnt bother me at all not to shoot a deer, we missed the venison.
I was very happy with this 4 point wandering by at last light. I took him at about 30 yards, but of course totally lost him in the smoke. I was sure of my shot, but other than some cut hair where he was standing, not a drop of blood....I did hear what I believed to be him falling.
I looked well after dark, but stopped when the rain got heavy. I was out at first light, and quickly found him about ten yards further than I was able to look. Happily, it was a good cold night (lower thirties). My shot was perfect, just behind the shoulder through the lungs. I promptly got him gutted and out of the woods, quartering him for butchering/wrapping at home. The meat was perfectly fine.
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