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Kibler Fowler

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Nov 11, 2022
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North Carolina
Anybody else see this in the email regarding the Hospice raffle?

"We will bring along the rough prototype of our up and coming Fowler Rifle Kit. We are very excited to get to share this with the customers who are joining us at the Hospice Hoedown event next weekend. Those in attendance will be able to handle it and get a taste of the final stages of bringing a kit to life.

The Fowler is not currently available for purchase."

I am excited to see this fowler come to fruition! Any guesses on plain stock, carved, caliber...?
I donated to the raffle without reading the whole email… oops
We were just talking about this fowler at the range yesterday- we’ll take two 16s in walnut :cool:
This might be a dumb question but since all of his other kits are available in multiple calibers is there any reason to think the Fowler won’t be available in multiple gauges?
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