First Flintlock Deer

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Jul 25, 2007
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Apr 18, 2019
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So now that I have some time I want to add to my post. Dad is getting on in years and poor health has limited his deer hunting the last few years. Dad taught me to hunt fly fish tie flies and generally enjoy the outdoors. He's now teaching my daughter the same as he taught me. I'm worried that there won't be a lot of hunts in the future. I moved from CT to VA about 4 years ago and had not had a chance to hunt with him. So dodging covid travel restriction I wanted to get this week in the woods with him. Deer season in CT opened this past Wednesday so hunted hard opening day and Thursday not seeing anything. Friday was my last day in the woods with unusual warm weather. That deer walked out around 2pm. Sent the text to my Dad deer down! As I get done cleaning the deer here he comes dragging the deer sled. I was hunting a real rough terrain swamp but out he comes to help drag the deer. It took me an hour to drag it the 100 yards to the next field out of the swamp. As we are dragging it out a young bow hunter was just getting in the woods for the last hour of light. He was hunting the private land next to the patch I was hunting. I apologized for blowing his hunt. He said nonsense he had all season and offered to help drag the deer. Well Dad had made a call to a friend who had dropped everything to get his quad to help get the buck out. So now its three people helping. After we are out another call and a drive to a friends barn. this friend of my dads with his young son help us hang skin and quarter the deer. So five people have now helped me get this deer. I just wanted to say thanks and God bless to all the parents and grandparents friends and fellow hunters who help keep our traditions alive. This is going to be one my most memorable hunts!!!

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