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      Sidney Smith replied to the thread Let's talk BALLS!.
      I cast my own roundballs using either my .530 double cavity Lee or my .535 Callahan. I do have a bunch of Hornady .530 balls that I...
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      I gave up listening to what other people think decades ago. I've used maxis and had no issues whatsoever with them. I'd still use them...
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      Sidney Smith replied to the thread issue with breech plug.
      BS. If there's a gap when he tightens the tang down then filing the face of the plug is going to bring the gap down. Cutting deeper...
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      Sidney Smith replied to the thread Squirrel load.
      Same load I use for pheasant hunting, 70 grains 2fg, and 70 grains no. 6 lead shot. 70 grains by volume of lead weighs in at 1 1/8...
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