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First flintlock deer! So hooked!

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That’s fantastic!! Great job! This year is only the second time since I was twelve that I am not big game hunting. Super weird feeling as it’s my favorite thing to do, but I got a moose and a big mule deer last year, and a Buffalo the year before. I can’t justify it because I still have so much meat. Gonna go do some duck and goose hunting with my fouler instead I guess. I am looking forward to it though. Again, congrats and nice rifle!
I didn't know VA had an early muzzleloader season, this early.
Glad you got it done Saturday and not this week account of the heat!
Hey all, VA regs are SO hard to read. I tried to put clip of page 41 of the regulations here. Actually an early firearms season for antlerless so the flinter can be used because they consider it a primitive weapon. Hope it helps anyone else that can get out to try those new builds, or old favorites.


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