A Brother In The NE Needs A Squirrel Recipe

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Jul 29, 2013
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Care for any Squirrel & Dumplings!

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I had to hog tie & water board SWMBO too get this Old Family Secret Recipe from her . LOL

She put 4 squirrels cut into pieces in a Crock Pot.

Covered them with water & Cook on High until the meat mostly fall from the bone. (6-8 hrs)
Check water level as needed.

Remove meat too cool on a flat pan. Pick meat from bones after cool.

Pour / Strain remaining water into a large thick pot , place on burner( or if your from Alabama , it’s a stove eye) LOL

Bring too hard boil , then reduce heat when adding dumplins’ to the water to a slow boil .

Get out the dough board , flour the surface of the board ( table or counter top will do if you don’t have a dough board).

Add 2 cups of self rising flour to a large bowl.

Run a 1/4 cup of hot water from the tap ,add to the bowl of flour and stir .

Add more water as needed. Mix Should be just a little thinner than biscuit dough.

Knead flour into mixture to obtain proper consistency.

After consistency is mastered , dip a heaping table spoon full of the dough onto the pre floured dough board.

Sprinkle flour onto your rolling pin( smooth glass/ wine bottle) and the spoon full of dumplin’ mix / dough.

Roll flat & cut into thin strips, then add too the boiling broth / water.

Continue rolling out dumplins’ until you reach your needed amount .

Add picked squirrel meat too the pot.

Use wooden spoon to gently mix the meat into the broth and dumplns’

Cover pot ,then occasionally stir mix as need too keep from sticking too the pot.

Cook- 45 minutes until dumplins are cooked .

Salt & Pepper too taste....

There great with enough black pepper just too burn your tongue .... a little .

That’s it!

Now here my recipe ....

Go too the grocery store in the frozen food section look for frozen dumplings.

Throw em’ squirrels in a big thick pot and boil the meat off the bones.

Remove meat from pot to cool , pick off bones after cool.

Strain any remaining squirrel parts from the water, then bring to a hard boil.

Open frozen dumplings and add too the boiling broth after reducing heat to a slow boil.

Add squirrel meat stirring in slowly.

Season with salt & Pepper too taste, I Love plenty of black pepper on em’ .

Cook until dumplings are done then serve !!!

PS :,Don’t let your tongue beat your brains out! LOL


Mary B’s is the brand name of the frozen dumplings we’ve used.


Your lady's recipe looks GREAT & I will try it soon, as I have about a dozen squirrels, that are too old to fry, in the freezer.
(Tell her THANK YOU & that the recipe reminds me of the dumplings that my governess made me often, when I was a child. - I truly LOVED those dumplings, whether with squirrel/chicken.)

yours, satx

josie wales

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Feb 24, 2011
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I grew up eating Squirrels(gray). Every Sunday my Grandmother would cook whatever I brought home and have a big dinner (usually rabbits and Squirrels). I was a teen so I would skin the tree rats and save the front and rear legs and the backs. She would pressure cook them with chicken broth,garlic, celery and onion. After cooking for 35-40 minutes let the pressure go down by itself then add potatoes and carrots...cook for ten more minutes and quick cool under cold water. Remove everything from the cookers and make a gravy with the remaining liquid. This was melt in your mouth eating. I liked the front and rear legs my Grandmother enjoyed the backs. The meat was fall apart tender. The gravy was the best I ever had.I should say the MOST important part of cleaning Squirrels is getting every bit of fur off. I would usually soak both rabbits and Squirrels in cold water with a little baking soda over night.


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Jan 2, 2011
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Slow cook chuncks with quail, dove and rabbit. Put in white cream sauce with cubed turnip an traditional stew veggies. Serve with jalapeno cornbread.

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