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Why only one?

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50 Cal.
Nov 6, 2005
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Our muzzleloader hunting regulations specify:
A person hunting deer in a muzzleloader deer season shall not possess any firearms other than one single-barreled muzzleloading firearm, and shall not possess or substitute any archery equipment or crossbow while hunting deer under a muzzleloader deer hunting license.
Ok, so I guess my question is .........why are we not able to carry a ML long gun and one ML single shot pistol??? I'm sure historically (I'm guessing) that hunters would have been carrying at least that if not a couple of pistols. And would it not make sense to have a quick follow up shot so an animal wouldn't have to suffer while your reloading ,IF it wasn't a clean shot?? What am I missing, or am I just out of my mind?!?!?!
It is usually faster to reload the long gun for the finishing shot than it is mess around with a pistol to do it.
Most of the people I know would be shaking so much from the adrenaline rush that they would muff the pistol shot and cause more suffering by breaking the jaw or hitting the head in some place that was not fatal, causing even more of a delay while the hunter reloads his pistol yet again.

Most hunters in the old days would not have carried a pistol because of cost, and it being yet another quirky mechanical device to have to tend to and maintain.