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Who's got the best lube?

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Oct 8, 2023
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Time to put your secret lube recipes to the test in a head to head comparison. I'm looking for whose got the lube that can keep a muzzleloader running all day with no cleaning swabs if you're talking rifles and who can keep a cap and ball's barrel clean as a whistle and slick as snot.

For cap and ball I'm using a tostitos jar half and half beeswax and beef tallow with 1/3 cup olive oil thrown in. Works okay but I think it could be better. I soak a cotton wipe in it and hole punch it out for wads

Rifle is a patch lubed with Windex. Keeps it stupid clean but is a little tough to load in mine

I'll be posting a poll on your recipes and we'll see who thinks what works best!
Water with enough Dawn Detergent to feel slick when you rub it between your fingers, It does not take much Dawn. I have gone through the gamut of lubes. I feel that the addition of bees wax to a lube makes for a "Stickier" fouling.
Whats that about 20/80? Swabbing between shots with that lube?
Whats that about 20/80? Swabbing between shots with that lube?
Works just fine as a lube but not a good idea for keeping loaded such as for hunting. I have a small spray bottle of it that I squirt on wiping patches between shots if loading from a bench. Otherwise I just pop a wiping patch in my mouth.

Lately U Toob has struck again with a video touting a 50/50 mix. Viola, for some it's become etched in stone. The mixture I use has been as light as 95% water. Works to shoot or wipe. Works to shoot without wiping.

My own conclusion is that consistency in the amount and evenly applied is more important than the lube itself.
I use different lubes at different times but mostly I use two. The first one for targets is Mr. Flintlocks Patch Lube & Cleaner the second is my own blend of beeswax, lard, & peanut oil. Ratio vary depending on the time of year - climate change and all of that manure - :dunno::ghostly:
spit on the range/woodswalk (I can usually get 12-15 shots without wiping). Whatever is available in the pantry for low temp/hunting: Crisco, olive oil, vegetable oil, etc.

A nationally ranked shooter might be able to tell a difference in accuracy between lubes, but for me any of my guns is far more accurate than I can hold them.
I use a small 4 oz. spray bottle and it might take 8-10 drops of dawn. I do not swab between shots, no need to when using this lube. Unless you are a swab between shots kinda huy anyway.
There are easily dozens of "lubes" from bear oil down to plain water that will work very well or to some degree or another. I don't hunt any longer so really don't have a need for the TOW mink oil I like so much. But I really like Hoppes BP Lube and have used it extensively for years. Today it is still all I use and I have no real interest in trying to find a better one. I think that says it all.
After decades of extensive experimentation....it is my opinion that grease is slippery and some greases are slipperier than others. And that natural organic greases are preferable over man made hydrocarbon greases and that mutton tallow is the king of organic slippery greases.

It is also my opinion that spit, being mostly water based and slightly alkaline ( depending on the shooter's diet ) does a better job in removing fouling from the previous shot and is suitable for target practice.

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