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Wander Notes

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Sep 13, 2019
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Not sure this belongs here, but so be it. Decided to take a little walk today and sat down to make a few notes (and to rest) along the way. Thought I would start this thread out as a sort of place to post journal entries made in the field. Thought about posting photographs of the Rite-In-The-Rain notebook pages, but decided that only I would be able to read my chicken scratchin'. Will start out with my own contribution, made spelling corrections, otherwise all is as it is written. :

12 Apr 2023

First Entry
Went to the woods behind the house for the 1st time in five years. Lots of brambles grow up on path in 5 years! Saw and heard lots of birds that looked & sounded familiar, but have forgotten their names. Same for trees. Been away from the woods for too long. Took T/C Renegade .56 SB w/light shot charge. This log too comfortable. Move!
Back against an oak now, Wandered a bit and found a few hunting blinds on land not my own. Left a note asking permission to walk on the land.
He'd planted corn & not harvested it to attract game. Smart!
I can see home about 1/2 mile out. Time to see if I can make it back.
Nice and quiet here. I missed that.
Home now on back porch. Primary purpose of this wander was to see if I could do it. Apparently, I can. I would estimate the distance covered @ 1 mile. Not very far, but I made it carrying a muzzle-loader & possibles bag. That's good enough for me.

Discharged gun into a cardboard box. Good pattern that hit where the sights were aligned.