Un-confuse me about Uberti

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Feb 3, 2013
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The Gardone valley in Italy are all buddies. Gardone actually being the proof house. I have seen the early Ubertis with Uberti and Gardone as the manufacture. Probably be flabbergasted as I was when I toured the Gardone valley. As far as quality several vendors have representatives of their company checking quality control and also many vendors request factory modifications.
The old Armi San Marco's and Armi San Paolo's had many variances of quality due to vendor requests also. Marco and Paolo were combined in the gardone because of the proof house in the valley. Whether the Marco and Paolo are related to the modern reproductions, I don't know as the Marco's and Paolo's were around at least before 1954. I have found that with a little modification Pietta and Uberti parts will adapt to the old timers.