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Uberti, not sure why it was so vaunted.

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Jul 25, 2022
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Well, in my eyes anyway. Always had Piettas except for one model, which is the Dragoon, for obvious reasons. I've had the Dragoon for some years and only recently added one other Uberti to the collection, an 1860 Navy. Seems I've been chasing issues with it for a longer time than any of the Piettas I own. I guess the price drop on the Ubertis is for a reason. Last issue was/is a slack between some components felt during recoil, a noticeable slam (maybe too dramatic, bump). Reminded me of the recoil of an M2 in a sense as it felt as if the barrel was traveling in recoil and slamming against the cylinder. Check the arbor, short. I've remedied that but haven't tested it to see if my hypothesis checks out.
I also have an issue with half cock in that I don't get a positive lockup in that position, kinda have to search for it. That's next up on the to do list. All this after I had it looked at by the armorer for the company for a machining issue. And he did some work on the timing w/out me even knowing the timing was off. (Which was a good thing, that he saw a problem and addressed it without needing to be told.) The machining thing he said was common and not off so much as to warrant any replacement of the frame.

The good side to this gun is that I get the best results with this gun when using my homemade caps than with the other Navy I have which is a Pietta 60 Navy Sheriff's model. Hazarding a guess I would say it's as if the Pietta's main spring isn't strong enough for the Sharpshooter caps. BUT the stock nipples on the Sheriff will handle CCI #10 caps which can be found easier than any of the #11. So I reckon it all evens out.