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Jul 23, 2022
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Final preseason check. Black target is 54 cal 430 gr Maxi ball over 90 gr P-RS from 50 yds, standing, with a Stoney Point monopod as a shooting stick. My Lyman Deerstalker with a 57SML peep.

Blue target is a Hornady swaged .530 prb with a .010 wonderlube patch over the same 90 gr P-RS load at 100 yds from a bench, shooting off elbows not bags. TC Renegade Hunter with standard hunting sights.

I am very lucky to have stumbled on these good loads without having to do much work. The Lyman doesn’t like my prb load so I just switched to maxi balls which it liked a lot. The Renegade Hunter shoots both PRBs and maxi balls and 485gr No Excuses prelubed cast equally well, and the interesting thing is they all shoot to within 2” of each other with the same 90 gr Pyrodex charge. The only difference is the recoil! That 485 gr bullet is a real thumper.

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Compared to some of the struggles I’ve read on here of guys trying to get their rifles to shoot, I’ve just had it too easy. But, don’t get me wrong— I’m not complaining!


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