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Aug 3, 2022
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Olympia, WA
Hello Boys, I am the FNG who is a FOG. I live in the "Great Northwest" but I am a transplant by life's circumstances having grown up as an Army Brat from Texas to Germany. Spent many a years having taken the President's Schilling myself bouncing from the Mysterious Far East to the Mysterious Middle East. Nuff said that.......

When I was a kid.....I loved Tomahawk Comic Books! Anyone remember those? Finally got my first muzzlerloader building a TC kit. Never looked back. Went full flint when I came to the NW. Drove from Atlanta to Montana in 1978 to attend first Rendezvous. Didn't know a soul. It was the beginning of many great friendships and a long journey of acquiring a plethora of Smoke Poles. Love it. Reading your posts I know I am right at home. Look forward to be a part of a great website.

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