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  • Got the .36 Navy in great shape very pleased with it and your service! Thank you and God bless!
    I complied, but have not heard back from them. Could you please respond back to me if the books were damaged and you need a refund for the damaged shipment.
    Kind regards, Paul Tremblay Sr.
    I had to call them several times to leave my name and address and your information as they said in their voicemail, that the shipping label had been damaged and they needed the correct destination.
    Hello Thomas, I received a message from a Wash. State Post Office that one of my shipments was damaged in transit. After checking all of my shipments, your package of the 8 volumes of Buckskinning was the only package sent to the Wash. State area.
    Hi Thomas, Are you still interested in the Rogers Ranger's Sketchbook 56 ? the only paypal payment I've received was for the Buckskinning Series. Vol. I -8.
    Hello Thomas, here's the USPS tracking number for your set of Buckskinning Books:

    9505 8154 0404 9289 5836 18 Est. Del. Date Saturday 10/19/2019
    You can send a check or whatever payment to:

    Paul Tremblay Sr.
    15624 Se 88th Ave.
    Summerfield, FL 34491

    Email : (paypal)
    If you still have the .40 cal I would like to make an offer of $1300 . I work till 2 this afternoon but could send a money order after that. Not sure how the pay works and the shipping. Thanks for your time... Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks Wyatt
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