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Nathan's Traditions build

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Not trying to talk you out of the flame and wire striping, but "in my opinion", it never looks right to me. I am not an authority on faux striping a stock but painting seems the logical way it was done. Burning the wood will result in ruining your "smooth and level" sanding job. I just dont think it does a good job of "simulating" a natural wood curl. Look at a lot of examples (Henry Leman did this to a lot of his guns) and try it on other pieces of wood before you burn your project.
I like this way too! I've had moderate success in burning in stripes with tomahawk handles so I'm going to stick wirh what I know
Thanks to inspiration from Panama Red's post, I've decided to share progress on my traditions kit - this is their "Shenandoah" kit which appears to be exactly the same as the kentucky with the exception that the full stock is actually one piece of wood instead of two - not a bad thing at all!

Below are some pictures of my initial thoughts - I'm considering using a German silver guard instead of brass. The other pictures show where I reshaped the comb and added a cheek piece out of maple. Hopefully maple stains up the same, there wasn't enough wood to carve it out of the existing stock so I had to add it.

I'd love your overall thoughts and input on the triggerguard too.

Im a firm believer that the last 20% of the project makes or breaks the outcome so I'm hoping I can make a nice looking gun out of this one. I have feibings alcohol dye and oil for the finish and plan to faux some wood curl with a flame and wire.

Happy Saturday!
Where did you get this? I cant seem to source them.
Where did you get this? I cant seem to source them.
The shenandoah as far as I can tell is a kit they make just for the Senorian Desert Institute (online gunsmkthing class) and I lucked into one via a local sale. I'm not really sure if these are technically supposed to fall into the hands of someone outside of the program. They pop up.as finished kits from SDI graduates from time to time on GB
A little mock-up today for stain options and carving. Welcome to ANY constructive criticism on the carving layout

stains were both alcohol based feibings leather dye. Bottom is their "tan" and gave a very "golden oak" hue. Dark brown is the other option that I really like and most likely will go with