Match Handicap for Pistol shooters?

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Apr 15, 2019
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Morning all,

Our club hosts a monthly 20 ball friendly match. We don’t give any prizes or such but we still score the match for bragging rights and some good humored fun.

We allow ANY and ALL forms of muzzleloaders (inline, sidelock, flint, fowler, rifle, C&B, and pistol, etc) and any type of sights. We categorize the final scores based on type of firearm and sight. And for the most part, the long guns score in the ballpark of each other, the pistols in their own ballpark.

Limited resources and time dictate we all shoot at the same targets. Up to this point, we try to level the field for our pistol kin by allowing them to post targets closer. But their scores are still significantly lower than the long guns.

Short of running an entirely separate match, what do you all see, do, or suggest to help equalize the field a bit? Is there a good standard handicap? An accepted / reasonable target distance?

again, limited resources distract the same targets. and in some cases (on steel) we have to shoot the same distance. We can’t do a ‘woods walk’ at our range but I hope to put on a ‘line walk’ with various numbered targets out on the range to engage, but again, looking out for our ‘short sighted’ friends!

I appreciate your thoughts!


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Dec 18, 2020
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We shoot a separate math right at the end at 25 yards. We are a small group and it really makes it fun to have a change up at the end.