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Lake Cumberland Show

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Loja man

50 Cal.
Oct 6, 2020
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Hey all,
Any one frequent this show? Any feed back? It’s about 2.5h away. I have never been to a show before, other than general knife and gun shows. Looking for some in person info as to this show.
It’s a great show, several top craftsman and women will be there. Lots of original guns for your viewing pleasure as well as guns and knives and accessories for sale. Some call it the mini CLA.
Cool! Do you know if I am allowed to bring a couple personal items in to sell?
I plan on going down on Friday. So look for me in my black hat! Yes I will probably have this goofy grin on my face! I most likely will have a couple of my boys with me.
Made it to the show today! Had a great time! Took a few knives. Organizers didn’t want me trying to sell them. Totally fine. Did take them in to the show. I wanted show them to other knife makers hoping for tips/critiques. Great day! Talked to Kyle Willyard of Old Dominion forge for quite a while! Great guy!
Their was a original SxS percussion 20 guage that my brother is really interested in…I may help connect the dots so he can buy it.