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SOLD - Pending funds Kibler .40 SMR extra fancy maple (SPF)

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32 Cal
Sep 7, 2023
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Rifle was built by “oldskool” here on the forums and just like every other rifle he’s built, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Not only is it gorgeous, it’s an absolute shooter. I sighted it in and had one more shooting session with it before it went back in the safe. Rifle is in excellent condition and will ship in original box. I’m building up funds for my kibler smooth bore or this one wouldn’t be going anywhere. As you can see, this one has the antler toe plate and fairly positive it’s the only one he’s done this way (time consuming). $2000 shipped and insured.
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that wood was done in my ferric nitrite, as well as i remember 3 coats of chambers, and 3 coats of my all-natural renaissance era recipe clear. the screws in the toe plate are brass,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Thanks! Keeps me from having to butcher what you actually did. 😂
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