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Hershel House

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Sorry to hear. I think I would have very much liked to have met him. I first became aware of him through the Fox Fire books (#5) back in the seventies. It would probably be difficult to measure his infuence on our sport.
A legend . . . not many can turn this hobby of building into a whole new school of rifle. His work is amazing. I've seen a lot of comments about him on Facebook and some neat pics. One thing that keeps coming up is his generosity in sharing his knowledge and skills with others.

I saw this too . . .


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The Good Lord blessed me in letting me meet Hershel three times . Great person and just an amazing artist and craftsman . Was a privilege meeting him . I gave him a tin lantern I had made as a thank you for all the help his building VDO was to me in getting me started building . He wrote down my address ... few months later I got a package and letter from him. He forged out this great fork spoon combo , camping combo , they fold and hang together , and I they are engraved with my initial M on a little brass plate affixed to the spoon ....was such a kind thing for him.to do . I just love em . Hanging right here now ... Great fella . God bless his soul and his family ...


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