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Hawken Classic

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Nov 27, 2020
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Pacific, Missouri
The NMLRA is sponsoring the Hawken Classic in Defiance, MO on April 29-May 1, 2022. It will be held at the Historic Danial Boone Home and Village. This is a large educational event with seminars throughout the weekend, 120+ Rendezvous Camp, shooting range with steel targets, vendors and blanket traders, and demonstrations going on by talented craftsmen. It is a free event thanks to the St. Charles County Parks Department and the NMLRA. Read all about the details here: Hawken Classic


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I'll be there and I beg the indulgence of any guys here that I've agreed to make shooting bags and buckskin for because I'm going to devote my time to get as many items made up for this event.
I only have 4 months and this is a one-man operation. I'll still do all the items I've agreed to but it will just be a little later.
I really wish I could be there. I have a ML bear hunt at that time that has been cancelled for the past two years due to Covid.

Should be a great time.

I'm planning to be there.

See you there @andy52.
When you get around to planning your menu skip Friday evening.
I Kept a whole ham off that little button buck I got during deer season and I'm going to cook it on a tripod with potatoes au gratin and fried corn. There will be way more food than just the people at my camp would eat so I figure to invite a few extras so it doesn't go to waste.
Hmmm, thats not too far from here... I am assuming that any weapon with in the 1820 - 1850 time period is acceptable? Does not have to be a hawken?

You don't have to use a Hawken-style rifle in the shoot any non-inline will be fine. I'll be shooting my SMR because it's by best shooting rifle.
It should be a good time and I advise anyone wishing to be there to get your registrations in early. The campsite overhead I have above is for normal rendezvous type setups. There will be additional campsites in the village area for vendors but that area requires all fires to be above ground.