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32 Cal
Feb 5, 2021
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Logartist, welcome to the forum. I just recently found this site and enjoy it immensely. Lots of very knowledgeable people here. I, too, am in law enforcement. Currently a fraud investigator for the State of Utah. Spent 7 years in patrol before making detective and have worked Major Crimes, Narcotics and property crimes. 5 years SWAT and am also a firearms instructor and Glock and S&W M&P armorer. Next April, I'll have 39 years in and will turn 65. Will be moving to our retirement cabin near Island Park, Idaho. Congrats on your pending retirement, and again, welcome to the forum.

Daryl Crawford

50 Cal.
Oct 6, 2019
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Lehigh Valley, PA
Welcome from the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. Glad you found the place. I've seen some interesting work done on Traditions guns. I've ways been impressed by gents who can visualize, then turn a so-so rifle into something really worth seeing. Looking forward to seeing your post.

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