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SOLD Flintlock Jaeger .54Cal Atributed to Larry Zornes

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Oct 17, 2006
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I have for sale an exquisite Jaeger rifle .54cal attributed to Larry Zornes of the Gun and Mold shop in southern Ohio. This rifle is unsigned however the inside of the lockplate does bear the cartouche of the Mold and Gun shop. I purchased this rifle a couple of years go at a gunshow in southern Ohio from a dealer that was selling it for the person who had originally commisioned it. I was absolutely blown away by the quality of materials and workmanship the rifle displayed and found out that it shot as good as it looked. It is sighted in for a load of 80gr FF and a .530 RB with .015patch. It will put five shots touching at 50yds off the bench.
I was going to ship this off to Track of the Wolf on consignment but decided to see if anyone on the forum is interested prior to doing that and having Track add their margin to the price.
Specifics are Stock appears to be either English of Clairo walnut with nice figure and tight grain finished in oil rubbed back to a satin sheen. Barrel is a Colerain D profile swamped with radius grove rifleing. Easy to ID from the 31" length D profile dimensions and radius groove rifleing. The mountings are all steel with the exceptiin of the nose cap and ramrod end which are horn and all steel parts are nicely browned. There is a sling swivel forward and a sling button rearward. There are no detractions although I have fired the rifle I cleaned it thoroughly and took great care in handling. The patchbox has a sliding wood cover that operates freely but is not loose. The metal parts have a tasteful amount of engraving and the raised carving is flawlessly done. Things that really impressed me was the precise inletting of all metal parts another was the attention to detail of the raised carving. There is one tinytick on the lower edge of the cheekpiece (see photo) what looks to be a flaw on the underside of the butt stock is fingerprint that wiped off. If you have any questions feel free to ask or want additional photos.
Dimensions are: Weight 8lbs6 oz, barrel length 31" overall length 46" length of pull 14" drop at comb 2" drop at butt 3"
I am asking $3000 shipped anywhere in tthe CONUS it is legal to ship to. Payment by postal money orders, certified bank check or personal check with time to clear. The rifle will ship in a foam padded hard plastic gun case that you keep and will come with an accessory wiping/loading rod as I couldn't bring myself to use the fancy one that came with the rifle.


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The 14" LOP put me out of the deal. At my advanced age unless it is a great deal, I can be picky.:)

As a side comment, I also wonder that if a builder can do that quality of carving and engraving why he/she didn't sign it. Liability, customer preference?
The 14" LOP put me out of the deal. At my advanced age unless it is a great deal, I can be picky.:)

As a side comment, I also wonder that if a builder can do that quality of carving and engraving why he/she didn't sign it. Liability, customer preference?
It may well be signed under the barrel or side plate. Track has sold a couple of guns by Zornes and stated he did not sign in viewable places on request of re-inactor customers. I can relate to advanced age. One of the reasons I'm moving some of my toys, so my wife doesn't have to. Thanks for the response.
denster, I think your Jaeger will indeed sell, and the price is attractive. That is a fine looking rifle and I for sure would be interested in it if I were looking for one! Sometimes higher value items sometimes take a bit longer to be bought.
Hhhmm! No offers do you think I have it over priced or just no interest in Jaegers? Responses solicited!

It's a beauty but out of my price range, that's not to say it's overpriced. It hasn't been that long since you posted. A gun like that would probably need someone to chew over it for a couple of days before pulling the trigger on the purchase. Will say though that it's price is higher than most guns I've seen move on here.
If I had seen this a year ago, I would have PMed you. I found a Jaeger that is now my favorite rifle. It is a niche market - but your rifle is beautiful. I paid a price in that range for mine, so not necessarily overpriced.

As stated earlier, give it some time and a few bumps. It seems the desire for some guns - jaegers, howdahs, etc - comes in spurts.

Good luck with the sale.

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